Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Masterpiece: Chapter Two-At Work

Continued to Chapter Two: At Work

After I graduated, I was dedicated my worklife for AIS company, the biggest mobile operator in Thailand. Actually, I was an telecommunication engineer, however, my fate cannot avoid computer graphics. It is usually like a magnet with my life. Go ahead to discover my fantasy as follows.

1. Department's Logo Campaign Design

I put forth several patterns to a section manager to let him choose. Let's see.

Similar to above but change in white version, Cool!

This was the selected design.

It was put on my desk and distributed throughout the floor together with being pasted on T-shirt.

2. The department e-mail signature contest

I was a campaign launcher to lead the contest. My boss wanted logo signature to be inserted to e-mail sending from the department. The logo must identify characteristics of the department obviously.

The advertisement information was delivered to every employee within the department

This is my logo sent for contest

Finally, this is the winning logo which I modified its colors and animatized it. Look like 7-11 brand shop? :D

3. Wedding Card

I designed the wedding card for my colleague. I didn't know what was now my function. Engineer or Graphic Designer? Confused. LOL.

4. MoonClock

I made this clock as one of screen plays for AIS new building.

5. Weekly Report I was responsible to consolidate the weekly report for the department as the editor. Of course, again I had to design the layout of the report as well as cover page.

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